Components of Great Graphic Design Work

Graphic design refers to the creative art of displaying the close combination of pictures and words in advertisements, newspapers, books or magazines to bring out information. It is the visible expression of an artist's emotions that the gifted individual uses to communicate the feelings and ideas in his heart to a particular set of audience. Such designs are commonly appealing to the human eye.

A design blog can be defined as an uploaded document featuring the works of different designers in their chronological order. It can also be a testament to a single designer's effort that has created outstanding art which tends to influence positively people's lives. Such posts you can see if you view website are usually uploaded on a blogger's website for public viewing, hence scrutiny of the same.

One of such a legendary designer is David Bowie. Born in the early twentieth century, David exhibited a lot of creativity. He was a singer, songwriter, actor and record producer. It was not until the release of Blackstar album that David captivated people's minds. The cover of the album was composed of a simple form of art, yet so captivating. Up to date, no one except the late David Bowie can really explain the message he wanted to pass across to his music fans and society at large.

His photos are living proof of his skill in graphic design. Not only are they appealing to the eye but also possess the ability to communicate differently to a variety of audience. His talent in graphic design can also be openly seen from written text that David Bowie authored in his life time. Good examples of these books include Space Oddity, Moonage Daydream, David Bowie Anthology, David Bowie in his own words just to mention but a few. The photo imagery and wording accorded to each of these books are extraordinary since it can pierce readers to the core of their existence with running emotions. Under his name there are over sixty unique books accorded high ratings by david bowie readers.

Recently, a panorama image of Hong Kong was taken by the use of a drone. What is outstanding is that in such a sophisticated environment it helped capture years of evolving history and technology in just one picture for the world to see. From the above overview, it is evident enough that art can be captured in a variety of ways and then communicated to the world in a simplified manner. Therefore, we can conclude that art is ever evolving.

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